Okay, so you have gone and decide that it is a better idea after all to hire professional plumbing contractors

Rather than fixing up your bathroom yourself, people often think that bringing in residential plumbing contractors to fix up your bathroom will be a very fast job. They get in, fix the toilet, put everything in order, then they leave. However, most homeowners make the same mistakes time and time again. They underestimate the amount of time it really takes for residential plumbing contractors to finish their projects. Plumbing is a very delicate thing, and one small mistakes and oversight can create a significant amount of headache for the homeowners. So I guess the real question is, what does the homeowner have to consider in terms of preparations for these contractors?

Time it takes for Residential Plumbing Contractors to do their job

It all actually depends on the nature of the project. If it’s a quick fix like a clogged toilet or sink, work might be swift and you can have spare time to go out for a dinner. However, for a much larger project such as bathroom remodelling or replacing the toilet and sink. The true length of time exponentially increases and you will find yourself with a half finished, albeit unusable bathroom for the next coming weeks. This is not an ideal scenario, so keep in mind to make your schedule free for the 2-3 weeks in advance.

Clear cut communication with your contractors

One major oversight from the residential homeowners is that they fail to communicate to the contractors thoroughly about the nature of a problem. So when you got on the phone for a discovery call with them, make it very very clear what you are trying to fix. More importantly, tell them more about the problem. How long has the bathroom been clogged? How long does it take for the water to flush out? Why does the floor of the bathroom always flooded?

You can go a step further and tell your contractors a brief history of the problem as well. How long has your house been around? What’s the last time a plumber has taken a look at your kitchen sink? In this case, the more information you give to them, the less headache you will get in the near future.

Preparing the rest of the house

Although most contractors are professional, some homeowners are not too comfortable to let strangers break into the comfort of their own home for long hours. This is understandable. If that’s the case for you, then having a relative, roommate, or yourself overwatching the project might be a good idea.

More importantly, there needs to be someone at your premise that will open the door and let the contractors come in to do the project. Otherwise you will just be wasting their time as they wait in front of your house, while you are speeding your way through traffic (we have been in this situation all too often).

Remember, best way to prepare for your residential plumbers is to communicate thoroughly, have someone physically present and give them a little extra time just in case.